lawrence/ larry / dolan
it / it's

wassup im dolan and i do art sometimes if i feel like it. my special interests are pokemon and ginga. i am also un-godly obsessed with the color green.

DNI:- NSFW/pedo/racist/zoo/etc
- "proship" 'profic' "anti-anti"
- MCYT stan [fans are fine]
- claim to be me
- associated with _BlueBastard_
- very involved with the fnf or fortnite community unless i follow first or we have mutuals

BYF:- i am a very paranoid person. im very scared of being stalked, so i may block people who give me a bad vibe.
- i may block people from the fortnite community.

i am these guys in the reals

scourge the hedgehog - STH

grimmsnarl - PKMN

scourge - warriors

guff - fortnite

eggman - STH

mow rotom - PKMN

dr shrunk - AC

rigel - GDW

ingo - PKMN